Student Information

Timings of the school day
08.50-09.15  Registration/Assembly
09.15-10.50  Periods 1-2
10.50-11.10  REC
11.10-12.50  Periods 3-4
12.50-13.45  LUNCH
13.45-15.25  Periods 5-6
Sixth Form Assembly:  Every Monday 8.50 in Park Hall.
Note:  Week B Wednesday registration takes place in Period 1 with early finish at 15.00.
Sixth Form Diary Dates 2016-17
Click on the link on the right of this page for key dates for sixth form students and parents for 2016-17.
We expect 100% attendance.  Sixth form students are required to be in school every day for registration, assembly and for the entire morning.  Students with free periods in the morning are expected to use the study room for private study.  Students with free periods in the afternoon may choose to study at home if they wish.
If a student is ill, please ring 020 8690 3710 on the morning of the absence and follow up with a note from parent/carer to the Sixth Form Administrator.
Medical and dental appointments are to be made outside school hours where possible.  Students leaving/arriving during the school day for appointments must sign in/out in the Sixth Form Signing In/Out Book (located at Reception on Adelaide Site and outside the Finance Office on Park Site).
Guidance and support
Guidance and support for students is available from the Head and Assistant Heads of Sixth Form (Mr Capon, Mr Owen, Ms Morrison), form tutors, subject teachers and the Sixth Form administrator (Ms Mason).  If you are experiencing difficulties in any area of your school life you should first consult your form tutor.  The Sixth Form administrator is based in the Common Room (top floor, Park Site).
Study in school
The Sixth Form Study Room is a silent area designed for private study during your free periods (2nd floor, Park Site).  Mobile phones must be switched off or on silent.  No eating or drinking in the study room.  Opening times as follows.
Monday - Thursday 8.00-5.30
Friday 8.00-5.00
Dress code
Sixth Form students are not required to wear school uniform but must observe the following rules. 
  • No see-through clothing
  • No beachwear, crop tops, vest tops or short shorts
  • No hats or hoods in school
  • Appropriate footwear (no sandals in labs or workshops)
  • Jewellery must be small (for health and safety reasons)

Mobile phones
Mobile phones may be used in the common room during rec and lunchtimes.  They must not be used anywhere else in school and they must be switched off during lessons and assemblies.







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