Admission arrangements

Prendergast School


Key Admission Process Dates


Thursday 15th September


Open Day

Time: 5.30-7.30

Head Teacher’s Presentations: 5.45 and 6.30

There will be tours of the school

Wednesday 21st  September

Open Day

Time: 5.30-7.30

Head Teacher’s Presentations: 5.45 and 6.30

There will be tours of the school

Thursday 22nd September

Open Day

Time: 1.30 – 3.30

Head Teacher’s Presentations: 1.45 and 2.45

There will be tours of the school

28 September 2016

Closing date for music applications

30 September 2016

Music Aptitude test invitations will be sent out

Saturday 8th October 2016

Music test

w/c 10th  October 2016

Emails will be sent advising all music applicants if they will/will not be invited to attend an audition

w/c 10th October 2016

w/c 17th  October 2016


Music Auditions

31 October 2016

Closing date Exceptional Social/Medical applications

Closing date for Common Application Form

1 March 2017

The official school offer and decline letters will be sent



In September 2017 the Governors will admit 120 girls to the school’s Year 7.


The school participates in Lewisham’s co-ordinated admissions scheme. All applications should be made through the Local Authority of the applicant, using the appropriate co-ordinated admissions form or may be made online at:


Applicants who wish to be considered for one of the music places available will be required to sit a test to determine their aptitude. On the basis of the test results a shortlist will be established and, if short-listed, applicants will be required to attend an audition. Should they not be successful they will automatically be considered under any other relevant criteria.


The governors of the school delegated responsibility to Lewisham Council who consulted on the banding arrangements for the school from 2017/18.  As a result of the consideration of consultation and the recommendation of the Admissions Forum the school will no longer operate banding.




The School offers 10% of the places available to applicants who show an aptitude in music.  In order to ensure equal opportunity for all, the school is unable to take into consideration certificates achieved or references.


  • If you would like your child to be considered under this criterion, please complete a Music application, this application can be collected from the school during one of the Open Day sessions or is available on the website.  This should be completed by the school closing date 28th September 2016.
  • Applicants will be invited to sit a multiple choice aural test in music on Saturday 8 October 2016.
  • Applicants who achieve the score required will be offered a music audition which will be held in the latter part of week commencing 10th October and w/c 17th October 2016.
  • If your daughter is applying under the music aptitude criterion at both Prendergast School and Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College she will take the music sit a test at both schools and you will notified separately by each school of the outcome.



It is our aim to advise parents of the outcome of their child’s music audition before the secondary transfer closing date of 31 October 2016.  This will enable parents to make an informed decision as to whether they want to apply for a place at the school.




The musical aural test is played on a CD and is a multiple choice paper consisting of 60 questions which will be divided into four sections covering the following areas:


Pitch: For these questions candidates listen to 2 sounds and have to indicate whether the second sound is the same as the first, or whether it is higher or lower.  There are 20 of these questions and some of the pitches are less than a semitone apart.


Melody: For these questions candidates listen to 2 tunes consisting of 5 notes.  Applicants have to decide whether the second tune is the same as the first or if one of the notes has been altered.  If there is a change, candidates will be expected to identify which note has been altered by giving the note number.  There are 10 questions.


Texture: For these questions candidates listen to a number of notes played together at the same time.  Candidates need to decide whether or not each chord has 2,3 or 4 notes.  There are 20 questions.


Rhythm: For these questions candidates listen to 2 patterns of notes and have to decide whether the second pattern is the same as or different to the first.  Each rhythm will be 4 beats in length.  There are 10 questions.


No previous knowledge of music or music theory is required by the applicant as the test is based entirely on response to an aural test.




Approximately 60 of the highest scoring applicants will be invited back to perform either on their chosen instrument or vocally and there is a totally free choice of piece.  Their aptitude is gauged from these performances.  The auditions will be heard by the Head of the Music Department and one of her colleagues.





Parents and children who intend applying for a place are invited to attend at least one of the Open Day sessions held in September.  A tour of the school will be available, together with the opportunity of meeting the teaching staff and there will be an address by the Head Teacher in the school hall. It is on these occasions that the school’s prospectus and current examination results will be available.


Additional Information Sheets for music applicants and applicants seeking consideration under the social or medical criterion will be supplied by the school to parents with the prospectus. These documents can be collected from the school at any one of the open day sessions in September.  The form is also available from the school’s web site. Additional Information Sheets for music applications should be returned directly to the school by 28th September 2016. Applications for social or medical places should be returned directly to the school by 31st October 2016.


Admission Criteria


The admission number of girls to Years 7 is 120. If there are more applications than there are places available (over subscription), the Governors will have regard to the criteria listed below which will be applied in priority order.


  1. Girls in Public Care as defined by Section 22 of the Children’s Act 1989. This includes girls who are in care to a local authority in England or Wales or who are provided with accommodation by that authority as well as girls who were in care to a local authority in England or Wales, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order.)
  2. 10% of the intake will be selected on the basis of aptitude for music as judged by their test result and audition.
  3. In exceptional cases, applicants with social and/or medical need will take priority over other applicants in 5 and 6 below. Consideration will only be given if the school has received supporting evidence from an appropriate professional (hospital consultant, social worker or similar professional), setting out why Prendergast School is the only school to meet the needs of the child or the specific needs of her family. The admission decision will be considered by the Governors’ Admission Committee.
  4. A sibling[1] on roll at the time of admission in September 2017.


For those places available after the above four criteria have been applied the criteria set out below will be applied:


  1. The children of staff where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made.
  2. Home to school distance. All distances will be measured to a nodal point in the school premises (North Door Park Site), using digitised mapping software of the area, from a nodal point in the applicant’s permanent home address.
  3. Waiting lists will be held in the same order as the admission criteria.


[1] Siblings include all blood siblings, adoptive siblings, half-siblings, foster siblings of Looked After Children and step siblings.  All   siblings must live permanently at the same address as the qualifying sibling on roll. Proof of sibling relationship may be required.




It is the responsibility of the applicant’s parent to contact the School if they do not receive the following documents by the date stated in the “Key Admission Process Date”.


  1. Invitation to attend the music aural test
  2. Letter advising whether your daughter has been given an audition.
  3. The official School letter advising of an offer or decline





Waiting lists will be held in the same order as the admission criteria.  The waiting list will operate until the end of the academic year. If, at the end of the academic year parents wish their children to be considered for entry to the subsequent year group, they will be required to apply afresh.


The School will participate in Lewisham LA’s In Year Fair Access Protocol and children may be prioritised over those children on the waiting list for admission under this protocol.






Under the Schools Standard and Framework Act the Governing Board of the school has to make appeal arrangements for parents who wish to appeal against their daughter not receiving an offer of admission to the school.